Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Staples Bike to Work Day

Today was the Staples, Framingham Bike to Work Day. Employees of Staples were given various incentives to ride to work on this gorgeous 80° morning. One of these incentives was free bike check-ups courtesy of IBC.

These events are great, you've got everyone from serious triathlete-types on their TT bikes to folks that have pulled their dusty, fifteen-year-old klunkers out of the basement. For some, riding to work is business as usual; for others it's a major feat.

It is truly amazing how far people will ride with a little motivation. We had riders coming in from as far away as Walpole, a 24 mile trip. Word on the street was that Staples has one employee who rides in from Plymouth once in a while, a 75 mile journey. He may have still been riding by the time we had to pack up to leave.

It was a bittersweet event though, Jake Green, Director of Metrowest Transportation and all around super-nice guy, is leaving the Bike to Work Day crew to go work for the F.B.I. . For real. Good luck Jake, we will try to carry on without you, but it just won't be the same (sob!).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NEMBA/DCR Cutler Park Trail Day

On Saturday May 15th members of NEMBA, Hup United, and the International Bike Elite Mountain Bike Team joined forces for a trail day at Cutler Park in Needham, MA. The project involved the rehabilitation of a severely washed out section of trail. Countless wheel barrows full of gravel were dumped on the problem area and distributed evenly to form a nicely graded path.

Wow, that is one nicely graded path.

Kevin Sweeney swings his shovel like he's on the chain gang.

Steve Cobble from NEMBA was the project manager. He was an amazing PM,
he brought donuts.

Chip Baker makes the most of his cyclist's physique, smiling all the while

Some solid teamwork made the task fly by. What might have taken one lonely DCR employee an entire day was accomplished in a matter of a couple hours by this elite crew. Thanks to Bob Khederian, the DCR, and NEMBA for setting this up.