Friday, July 24, 2009


The weeks and weeks of relentless rain had a put, damper on our Saturday NEMBA Explorers Kids Rides and our Wednesday Cutler Park Rides, but now the weather is being ever so slightly more cooperative and we're back at it.

The groups for the Wednesday rides have been a good mix of intermediate and advanced riders recently. The more advanced guys sprinting along and then waiting for just a moment as the not-quite-so-advanced riders catch up at their steady pace. It works out quite well.

The overwhelming reaction to the loop through Cutler and the stuff along Greendale on the opposite side of 128 is that it is way better than you'd ever think. Cutler Park might not be the place you head to on a weekend afternoon, but if you live in The Burbs and you want to go for a quick rip after work, this is a sweet spot.

Above: 1.) Explorers promo image 2.) Explorer rider Brendan is lead by IBC Elite MTB riders Kevin and Harry 3.) Kevin demonstrates a little tuck and roll...riding slow is sometimes a challenge for racer-boys 4.) Kevin helps Brendan with some bike portaging, mountain biking is always an adventure.

The turnout for the Kids rides has been low, as in our average number of riders after two rides in one. One kid. Both rides had three Pro XC MTB level riders leading that one kid though. Remember, every Explorers rider gets a Kids Clif Bar, a Chocolate Milk, and a free water bottle, not to mention tons of expert advice on how to ride a mountain bike.

Hope to see you out there!