Monday, February 1, 2010

Bringing a Gun and a Knife to a Pillow Fight

We've sold our first Superfly 100. And we've sold it to an athlete so terrifyingly talented we shall only refer to him hereafter as "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named." Seriously, selling a bike like this, to a guy like's like if Mike Tyson, in his prime, had been allowed by the boxing commission to wield a 2 X 4 with a nail in it against his opponents. Some say he has sthe VO2 max of a Himalayan yak on EPO. Some say he subsists exclusively on the blood of live grizzly bears -- drunk straight from their necks (while he has them in a sleeper hold). Some say they once got him a cake for his bachelor party, and he ate the whole thing...before they told him Chuck Norris was inside.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named upgraded to a Superfly hard-tail last season, and that put him at a distinct advantage over the competition. Now that he's on "The 100, " it's going to be simply ridiculous. When asked if he was looking at any other bikes HWMNBN replied: "No. This is the only bike I'm looking at, this is the one." As he stared at us with the black, soul-sucking abysses that reside in the area of his face where most people have eyeballs.

Watch out, something wicked fast this way comes.
Thom P.