Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best. Repair. Ever.

With fall upon us IBC often needs creative ways to keep its employees busy. Today provided us with what has to be the finest non-bike repair we have ever done. The extremely discerning 4 year-old customer was elated and will probably hype us up on Yelp or the toddler equivalent of facebook. Please enjoy the thrilling adventure of Saving Mr. T-Rex, starring our favorite dino protagonist.

Doctors Stratton and Jochem examine the patient. The prognosis is grim. He's losing air fast.

Doctor Jochem intubates the patient, sorta.

Dr. Stratton checks the vitals, it's still a little hairy at this point.

Dr. Leas steps in to assist. He is a handsome expert in T-Rex surgery.

Facing horrifying flashbacks to his tenure at Raptor Haven and Bronto Water World, Doctor Jochem cracks under the pressure.

The dashing Dr. Leas tries a previously untested surgical maneuver whilst Dr. Jochem looks on in horror.

Having regained his composure, Dr. Jochem checks T-Rex's reflexes and declares the operation a resounding success. Our young client has his best buddy back and Doctors Leas, Jochem and Stratton saunter off to the hip, local doctors bar for some celebratory adult beverages and tapas.

The End...?